Hand/Foot Salve

I love living in Arizona.  I love wearing sandals 8 month out of the year.  But if I don’t take care of my feet (and my hands) they get dry and cracked.  As many of you know, I am very particular about what I put on my skin.  My skin is my biggest organ, so if I wouldn’t eat it, I won’t put it on my skin.  So in searching for a lotion I could slather on my feet and hands, I came across this simple recipe for Non-Petroleum Jelly.  I doubled it so I would have plenty.  Marlena has taken to putting it on her feet, too.  Says it makes them stop itching (?)  Little does she know that it contains an essential oil that helps calm her before bed!! Continue reading

Special Shrimp

One of my favorite cook books is by Mark Bittman, “How to Cook Everything: Simple Recipes for Great Food”.  Whenever I have a question about how to cook a certain food, his cookbook always has an answer I can use.  Below is an adaption of his Simple Shrimp Dish.  It is quick and easy, one of my go to recipes when I forget to take something out of the freezer, as long as I have shrimp in the freezer.  The shrimp thaws very quickly. Continue reading

Chocolate Pumpkin Bars

Marlena and I are chocoholics, so when I came across this recipe I knew we had to try it.  The original recipe is here at Unrefined.com.  I decided to try her original Pumpkin Bars first, they were soooo moist and yummy that we knew the chocolate ones would be even better.  Perfect this time of year when canned pumpkin is on sale.  You may want to stock up on pumpkin, these are addicting. Continue reading

Almond Butter/Honey/Cocoa Crepes

There are certain foods that I make that Marlena asks for over and over again.  Today was no different.  My crepes are one of them.  The recipe is super easy.  I got is from the ‘Best of Grain Free Meal Plans Cookbook’, on the Health, Home & Happiness website.  If I make a full batch for lunch on the weekend, I usually have some left over for lunch during the week. We love to fill them with almond butter, honey and cocoa.  Lots of protein and very filling.  Oh, and super yummy!! Continue reading

My daughter made the Honor Roll for the first time

The first quarter of the school year has just completed.  Marlena has really been working hard to get all A’s so she could make the Principal’s list.  So when we looked at her grades online and saw that she had all A’s and one B, we were really happy.  It wasn’t the Principal’s list, but it was still the best she had ever done.  Then I get an email telling me that she had made the Honor Roll and the breakfast to celebrate it is November 1st.  Well I have to tell you, I was so excited for Marlena.  I printed the email and took it in the car with me when I went to pick her up from school.  I told her I had a surprise for her and let her read the email.  She was so very excited!!  She has worked so hard for this! Continue reading

Bone Broth

I have been reading recently about The Healing Power of Bone Broth .  The list of benefits is quite lengthy, but the most significant for me is the healing properties for the digestive system.  I have always thought that Marlena has an immature digestive system.

When I make bone broth, I like to add grass-fed beef gelatin.  Gelatin has many great benefits:

Supports skin, hair and nail growth

– Good for joints and can help joint recovery

– Can help tighten loose skin (like the kind you get after having four babies in five years…)

– Can improve digestion since it naturally binds to water and helps food move more easily though the digestive track

– Rumored to help improve cellulite

– Great source of dietary collagen (side note: collagen is too large to be absorbed by the skin, so those skin creams are pretty useless… get it internally and use coconut oil for lotion!)

My favorite brand, and I believe the only one that is 100% grass-fed is Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin